Four cookies contain 10% of the suggesteddaily value(please don't eat forty Oreos a day though). I was told by the phlebotomist that it was because of the scar tissue from donating on a regular basis and blowing the vein. The nurse hit a nerve that runs along the muscle in my arm, and caused a great deal of pain. They were very helpful to my questions. No one until you has ever mentioned iron or vitamin C as being factors let alone offered advice for how to increase my levels. CGAA will not be liable for any losses and/or damages incurred with the use of the information provided. Its whatever test it is that they do during the blood draws. I was told by the doctor on a follow-up call that due to both of these things happening during the injection, the pain and swelling was to be expected, and would subside. We manage to finish that first passbut only collect 250ml. Donating blood is stressful for your body, which is why it needs protein to regenerate cells and tissues. Everything went black and I passed out. I've had times when I had to ask to NOT have certain phlebotomists do my stick because they always had issues and their struggles were just too painful on my end. Why do I have to wait so long and how can I ensure my right arm veins are good for next time? As an able-bodied, healthy person, I believe its my duty to give back to those in need. I was just told I would be deferred for not realizing that a dr taking a small piece of my lip off for a byopsy was considered a procedure. I've seen studies that eating grapefruit can normalize iron levels in men and women. Once they adjusted the collection rate, it went away. This can be an issue after some scar tissue builds up around the puncture site on your arm. Had a miscarriage (D&C) 3 weeks ago. When you say a vein may be blown, is the pain like a deep pain that you can feel all the way up and down your arm? If you're drinking your Diet Pepsi (or any soda), it dehydrates your body throughout the day, so although you drink some water before your donation, it's not nearly enough to make up for what you've lost due to the Diet Pepsi. I'm considering trying to avoid Vitamin C to try and help lower iron levels, but I've been worried I'll cause other issues by doing so. So while there are no clear cut guidelines stating how much caffeine you should avoid prior donating plasma (as everyone reacts differently) use common sense when planning on making your next visit! She suggested that I start drinking Powerade or Gatorade at least 48 hours before donating blood, as the salt in those drinks can help expand small veins like mine. I have just started going through the process to donate my plasma and received my first O positive immunization just over 10 days ago. Eat Protein and Iron-Rich Food - Eat protein-rich, iron-rich meals at least 3 hours before donating plasma. Additionally, bananas are packed with magnesium, which helps regulate blood pressure and ensures that your blood does not become too thick during the donation process. Whole grains are a good choice for breakfast or lunch before donating blood plasma. Usually adjusting one of these will help. On the other hand, if you're talking about other injectables, such as drugs; absolutely not. These questions and answers about the lap band will be helpful for those wanting to have weight loss surgery. Deferred once for low protein, hadn't really eaten much the night before, or day of, so ok. No problems since, really. Most sources of protein, especially meats, contain an ample amount of iron. Eat A Good Meal: Experts advise that you should never donate blood on an empty stomach. The center didn't have an issue with it; it's more about what works best for the donor. To me, and I'm by no means a doctor, the dehydration sounds like a stretch, something else could be in play. I have been donating for about a month and the last two times I donated I had more discomfort than usual when they removed the needle. And don't worry about having low numbers two days in a row. review the instructions on preparing for a plasma donation; drink extra water; get plenty of rest kind foods that are high in iron; eat breakfast before coming in to donate; bring snacks with you while donating when possible; avoid strenuous activities days prior to donation and comply with all guidelines given by the collecting facility staff including fasting pre-donation if appropriate on your first donation day. The best way I had of bringing up my numbers was a Snickers Protein bar and a cran/apple juice with 110% vitamin C. This combo is loaded with both protein and iron, with necessary vitamin C to help with the absorption of both. Had flow issues that they couldn't figure out and before i made it to my first return cycle they said they were ending me and returning my cells and sending me on my way. This bandage should be left on for 1-2 hours to ensure that the puncture site has formed a clot and any bleeding has stopped. We do not test your WBC count. Im not sick (that I can tell anyway) and I dont usually have allergies. Additionally, oats are also high in fiber to support proper digestion and have several antioxidants which may help with inflammation commonly associated with donating plasma as well as helping keep stress levels lower throughout the process. Today I donated and wasn't really paying attention they unhooked me before my blood was returned for the sake of him not getting in trouble for doing so we didn't say anything but in actuality I was supposed to be deferred for 56 days if I donate next week could that cause health issues for me in other words can something happen? Also is it just me or is it a burning pain when they insert the needle?, I know last time I felt needle poking like pain. Now i feel like a truck hit me and my opposite arm by my shoulder feels like its knotted and in so much pain. While it may still be wise for potential donors consult a doctor first about consuming any form of beverage in order weigh up overall dietary requirements and any pre-donation needs that need addressing, generally speaking Orange Juice could serve as an ideal pre-donation meal due its nutritious content helping maximize performance during donations while keeping energized & healthy overall at all times.. Related Read: Where to buy banana popsicles? All the noodles I find listed "Reduced Iron" in the ingredients. This meal should ideally be consumed within two hours of your plasma donation appointment. No, you must wait until the burn has healed before donating plasma. There is a possibility of hitting a nerve during the stick, but in my experience and seeing others, this would cause more pain throughout the entire donation, not just the initial stick or removal of the needle. I've learned that a lot of the time, if there is pain during the donation, other than the initial stick, either the needle is resting against the wall of the vein, or the machine return needs to be adjusted. Why would that be a procedure that would harm my plasma?! Do this several times, it'll raise your aortic pressure and lower your heart rate. People who smoke regularly are also at risk of having high hematocrit levels. We recommend eating foods that do not contain fats, raw, and cooked fruits and vegetables, but without fat. However, I have had the same thing happen to me. My friend that introduced me to this just had a 6 month check, and her protein was 5.7 on a needle draw. This can be easily fixed by having the Phlebotomist either adjust the rate at which the blood is being extracted from your body, or by adjusting the position of the needle in your arm. camarochix72 (author) from USA on August 12, 2017: In theory, yes, you would be able to donate at another center, however; if one donation center finds out that you are currently registered at another center, you may get permanently banned from donating, simply because they may view you as a risk of trying to donate at both centers during the same time and that isn't good for your health. 2023 The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. Always let them know when you're in pain. Additionally since caffeine causes dehydration by promoting urine production, excessive intake prior to donating plasma will also cause vasoconstriction - essentially reducing circulation volume which again makes placement of needles difficult as well as reducing donation yields significantly due the lower amount of total fluids being moved through your body overall. 2. Maybe youve been told that your plasma is cloudy." The nursestuck the needle into my arm just perfectly, and nothing happened. Good options include oatmeal, applesauce with banana or almond butter, Greek yogurt with fruit or granola topping, smoothies made with milk and frozen fruit/veggies/yogurt etc., freshly-made soup (not canned), peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on whole grain bread with pieces of fresh fruit etc., brown rice loaded with veggies in burrito bowls style etc.. serving of beef contains 2.1 milligrams of heme iron, which is very easy for the body to absorb. First and foremost, apples are great sources of energywhich is important for anyone headed in to donate. I want to donate plasma but my protein was hot and I want to get it down what do I need to do in the morning. Question: For someone who lifts weights, is donating plasma bad for recovery? Eat a well-balanced meal high in protein and iron to replenish nutrient stores after donation. camarochix72 (author) from USA on August 16, 2014: I'd like to take the time to say thanks for being so informative and caring enough to take the time to do this. Things To Avoid Before Blood Donation: Avoid Blood Donation If You Are Not Feeling Well: There could be numerous reasons for not feeling well. camarochix72 (author) from USA on October 05, 2016: From my experience, the procedure itself is not the issue. And my right elbow feels bruised, but can't say for sure if I hit it on something. camarochix72 (author) from USA on September 28, 2015: If your blood pressure went up and you're having pains, it could be more than just food poisoning. Donating blood is a great way to do that. I've even been taking in some dairy and whole grains daily as I understand these are both iron absorption inhibitors. But, since salmon is a more oily fish, if you eat it before your donation, it may cloud your plasma, making it less desirable. No tricks, just drink more. Your doctor is going to remove living tissues from your body after all and that sounds like something really serious. This is important because if you experience a sudden rise or drop in blood sugar while donating plasma it can be dangerous to your health. A diet high in saturated fat can boost your cholesterol levels. Much more, you should try eating foods rich in iron such as b roccoli . This means eating a light snack within two hours of your donation and drinking plenty of water. camarochix72 (author) from USA on December 08, 2016: Your pain sounds similar to what I had when I got my most recent Tetanus vaccination. I ask them what I can do about it and they dont seem to give me a clear answer. New donors must donate plasma within 6 months before a donation can be used. What would that mean? Do you know why this happens? After donating plasma, it's important to rest and replenish your body. This happens when the needle is resting on the side of your vein (on the inside). Every time I have been deferred for protein the staff just tells me to eat a good diet, and when I get deferred for hematocrit they tell me to keep hydrated. A photo posted by Gatorade (@gatorade) on Jul 29, 2016 at 1:00pm PDT. I was able to donate a very similar amount as you in 32 minutes on average, start to finish. manual labor. camarochix72 (author) from USA on October 09, 2014: It sounds like the rate of collection by the machine itself needs to be adjusted. Have the phlebotomist adjust the needle position and the return rate. Fatty foods to avoid include but are not limited to: Sweets/candy Burgers Potato chips The feeling of pure terror as I thought for sure I was going to die. Make sure you schedule your next blood donation to continue helping others, and remember to take your vitamins (I forget sometimes too). Why is this? Drink plenty of water prior and make sure you refrain from consuming any caffeinated drinks or foods within 8 hours leading up towards your next donation. Rarely (once every other donation or so) I will feel a sharp pain in my upper arm and armpit region along with the sudden stop of the draw. Avoid high fat meals as well as alcohol 24 hours before donating to reduce any risk of fainting during donation. Blood centers generally allow no more than one plasma donation every four weeks (28 days) and up to 13 times per year. Also the last time I went there was a warming sensation in the same arm after they put needle in. Typically healthy adults can donate twice per week with up 48 hours between donations but cannot give more than 24 times within a twelve month period (365 consecutive days). The center where I donated did this for all new donors and all current donors on a yearly basis, it was the same process for everyone. The first, and probably the most commonly suggested, is eating less red meat. Answer: Because your body uses plasma for healing injuries, such as burns, my guess is that if they deem the burn to be large enough, or bad enough, you will not be able to donate until it has healed. In some cases too much caffeine before donating plasma can even cause donors severe dizziness during their donation due to low blood pressure brought about by dehydration and constricted veins caused by vasoconstriction; So keep in mind moderation is key! If it happens, youll know. When I told her it hurt she kind of wiggled the needle around and the pain subsided. Where can you donate blood? Half way through my cycle i stated to get symptoms of food poisoning. I'm proud to be a regular blood donor. Why? Laser welding of wounds may be common one day. It's a sharp stinging feeling. I barely made a fourth of my total donation before they sent me on. Being dehydrated can cause a lot of issues with your donation, and showing your hematocrit as being too high is one of them. When it comes to donating plasma, the diet you maintain can make a big difference. serving of beef contains 2.1 milligrams of heme iron, which is very easy for the body to absorb. For 2 years I donated plasma consistently. It takes your body a lot longer to regenerate red blood cells than it does plasma. I have donated blood in the past. Chickpeas are a great plant-based source of iron. Women are also more prone to having lower numbers for both, depending on where they are within their "cycle". These boredom-busting activities should help you keep your spirits up while making your recovery easier. Avoid taking any aspirin or ibuprofen before donating plasma, as well as drinking caffeine or alcohol. Related Read: Where to buy banana blossom? I want to thank everyone for the comments. What to Eat After Donating Plasma. If it's too low, you won't be able to donate that day. The type of protein you're eating may have a higher fat content; fatty burger or other fatty cuts of meat. Hopefully these tips will help you stay on top of your donor game because, as I've said, you save lives. Orange juice also helps sustain blood sugar levels which can be especially beneficial since donating plasma can cause feelings of fatigue or lightheadedness during the process. My vein had collapsed, blocking the blood flow. Any other tips for me? I been donating for a few years and the main arm I use is my right but now it's saying that it I have no flow on that. Apples also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that help keep you healthy and energizedincluding vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. I told the technician right away. cups of water before my donation, is too much water bad? In other words, plasma donors are at increased risk of low serum protein levels. Camarochix, thanks for answering all of these questions! Do they pay more? Yet, more than half the time I try to donate, I'm told my iron is way too high. Lifting the day of your donation, before you donate and the day after are perfectly ok, just not right after. camarochix72 (author) from USA on January 08, 2015: I never had an issue with my protein while I donated, however, I did have a problem with my hematocrit (iron) levels. Clearly Explained! It's so important that donors are aware of their iron intake before donating blood since it is the key component in hemoglobin. I finally just started donating with the good arm every time. The fact is that plasma donation centers require donors to abstain from eating or drinking anything other than water in the eight or so hours leading up to their donations. Question: Does being cold cause blood flow to slow when donating plasma? That email doesn't look right. I've found that the second day is a little more difficult to keep levels high enough because of the natural depletion from your first donation. They could eliminate at least 50% of the deferrals that occur and also eliminate a huge percentage of the frustration that donors experience if they would just educate us the way you have. Answer: No. At a blood drive last year, something weird happened to me. She started poking around at my arm and took the needle out. Although the finger stick is the faster (and most cost effective) method of collecting your blood sample, the most accurate measure of your hematocrit and protein levels will always be from blood drawn from the arm. The center I went to explained to me that usually when this happens, the speed of the machine needs to be adjusted. Question: In regards to hematocrit levels when donating plasma, what is the best method to retain water and liquids for a low number? I saw mines and everyone else's was the same (reddish hue color) but this one girl's was light greenish or brownish. Low iron levels are typical in people who donate plasma, so eating eggs can help to combat this. It takes more time, is less pleasant than donating red blood, so they make up for it by paying you money. camarochix72 (author) from USA on June 01, 2017: Your height and weight are very similar to mine, and donating twice a week is absolutely safe. Drink lots of fluids such as juice, water or sports drinks on the day of your donation to stay hydrated and help replenish electrolytes that may be lost during your donation session. This is the same side effect you may feel if you'd donated blood (which in a way you just did). So far, it's been a great experience. Help! As for the amount of water you're drinking; the more, the better. Why is this happening? The first donation can take about 2 hours, and maybe a little more time. Meat (Beef, Chicken, Eggs, Shrimp, Turkey, Ham) Dairy (Milk, Cheese, Yogurt) Beans, Nuts, Seeds When I use the right arm it takes about 60 minutes. I iced the area and that seemed to help with he pain, but the swelling took quite a while to go down. You rock. After i got home i vommited everything i are before i donated and the poweraid. I just went in tonight after being denied 30 day ago for the vein check and I was denied again tonight and now they said 6 months before I can come back. When this happens, there is less plasma (the liquid part of your blood) that can be extracted during each donation cycle. If your puncture site does start to bleed, either you didnt leave the bandage on long enough, or the puncture hole has been re-opened. I didn't know if they discarded someone's file if they hadn't donated for a couple years. I had no bruising or any issues at the injection site (my vein) other than a little pain when the phlebotomist started the injection. It has the opposite effect on your veins, making them smaller. However, if your red blood cell loss is more than the max allowed, it will be considered more of a blood donation, and you will be deferred long enough for your body to regenerate those lost blood cells. Drink plenty of water the day before and on the day of donating plasma to stay hydrated and boost iron levels if needed. Whole grains are a great source of energy and can help you feel fuller longer. .yesterday the phlebotomist picked the smallest vein in my arm she could find I swear. Fats that emerge in your blood for many hours after consuming fatty meals may influence infection tests done on all donated blood. I used my right arm three times with no issues b4 the needle removal pain started. The new one would probably need verification that you're no longer donating at the old center, double-dipping if you will, before you can start. camarochix72 (author) from USA on August 01, 2017: The only thing I've ever heard the nurse on duty tell people when they felt sick, was to make sure they've eaten before their donation. Drinking green tea has also been suggested as possible solution for high iron levels. A little of my blood got into the plasma collection container before the return cycle. camarochix72 (author) from USA on June 20, 2015: Why don't the plasma donation centers themselves offer the same wealth of information that you have provided on your "Tips and Tricks" page and your "Hematocrit and Protein" page when donors first sign up with a center? Going forward, a person . These foods can have a negative impact on blood tests, potentially preventing you from donating. Eggs are also high in protein, eliminating the yolks will lower their protein value. Preparing for Your Plasma Donation. It also contains some electrolytes, iron and potassium which are necessary for our health. Eating a ripe banana prior to donation provides an adequate amount of energy to sustain you through the donation process. Apparently, some donation centers will not do the saline for males, and they will instead give them a bottle of water or sports drink instead since they are less likely to have adverse reactions to the donation process than women. When i donate plasma the first one goes ok but the second one my protein level is to low what is going on and what do i need to do so they are not low. What does this mean? Staying hydrated daily, not just on donation days, will help immensely. Responding to Ethel question: Some veins are just BIGGER than others. Is this a low protein issue or something else? Here are some helpful hints that Ive learned during my 5 years as a plasma donor. Foods rich in protein including eg gs, shrimp, milk, nuts, and chicken are good to eat before you should consider donating plasma. One of the easiest ways I kept my protein and iron levels high enough was either by eating lean red meats (beef, or in my case elk), beans (like a bowl of chili), or a protein bar (Snickers was my favorite because it also had the additional iron I needed) for lunch or dinner the day before my donation. Eliminate fatty foods before you donate and drink more water. A lump began forming, a hematoma, I began feeling sick. "Individuals who donate more than once every four weeks should be monitored," Puca said. A medium-sized banana contains 27 grams of carbs. A big salad with beans, nuts, and seeds. Breathe in deeply through your nose for the count of 5-8 seconds (until lungs are full), then exhale slowly through your mouth for the count of 8-10. They even said it wasn't my fault, but I was still deferred. Hi I was wondering when u donate I seem to have smaller draws but I look at everyone else and there draws are much bigger how do I make my draws for each cycle bigger. Question: If I have a burn on my arm from work, will they deny my plasma donation? I ate at a quick fast-food place before i donated because i was stupid and in a hurry. What is that? It felt similar to many years ago when I had a penicillin injection (which was very painful). This content is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Donating blood can lead to some side effects, though, like fatigue or anemia. Any action you take based on the information found on is strictly at your discretion. The reason for this guideline is that consuming food and/or caffeinated drinks can reduce blood flow to your blood vessels which lead into your veins; making insertion of the collection needles more difficult. Meat, including beef jerky, supplies a good dose of iron and zinc, two essential minerals that help boost your immune system. The answer to the question, Is it acceptable to eat cookies before donating plasma? is a complicated one. However, a sharp, strong pain may be an indication that the vein being used for your donation has blown or broken open. A high-carbohydrate, low-fat meal is best, as you'll feel increased fatigue after donation. You may also need to bring any updated information to verify your current address. This includes any antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and pain killers. Your blood's hemoglobin level is tested before every donation. Try drinking an acidic drink, like orange juice, with your meal, or eating some fruit. Read on for instructions. Unlike whole blood, plasma is about 90% water and 10% proteins, so it's best to drink a lot of water and eat protein and iron-rich foods before donating. If you are not sure about your status with the donation center, give them a quick call before heading out for your next donation. So, youve decided to donate plasma. How long does it take to increase the level of protein? camarochix72 (author) from USA on January 26, 2017: I'm not sure why you were asked about smoking, I knew a lot of people who would finish a cigarette right before donating. Things like milkshakes will also cloud your plasma. It kills me to sit that long. Its not the finger prick, its the routine blood draws that they take every 3 months or so. That's not to say you can't enjoy a greasy burger with some fries and a milkshake, just don't do it the day of your donation(or even the day before it you tend to eat those types of meals more often). add domain users to local administrators group cmd; smart cash loan first convenience bank; quincy fl police department officers; david gresham son of joy davidman camarochix72 (author) from USA on August 04, 2017: If you had to be disconnected, for some reason, without getting your blood cells back, feeling dizzy is normal. I hope your next immunization goes much smoother! What do you think? What is that? Eating leaner meats and avoiding greasy foods before your donation will help clear this up considerably. Second one they said my vein was intruded or something right after being stuck so they went to my other arm. My second or third donation during that time the phlebotomist blew my vein in my left arm.
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