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Natural Perfume oilsAugust 28 , 2018
Natural Perfume oils – The new age of fragrances
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Natural Perfume oils are in vogue and here to stay. No perfume house is ignoring this shift in gear in the fragrance industry. From the small do-it-yourself indie perfumers to the like of Tom Ford and Dior, natural perfumes oils are taking the spotlight.

Not surprising, the benefits are astounding and the end consumer is becoming more informed and aware.

The current popularity of hair, face and body care oils are clear indications of this shift in mindset. Clearly not a fad, the perfume oil has made its mark and is in on the long run.

Let’s make it simple. The advantages of using a Perfume oil are:

  1. They are more worth your dollar. To the point, alcohol evaporates fast. According to perfume guru Chandler Burr, one loses about 50% of a traditional perfume spray into thin air. This is lost straight from the bottle while it sits on your dresser and even more is lost during application.
  2. Because the base is natural and composed of a blend of essential oils, perfume oils offer a more unisex approach to perfumery. Being applied and mixed with the natural aroma of the skin, a natural perfume oil organically will smell more feminine on a woman and more masculine on a man.
  3. A true signature scent. Because of the high concentration of essential oils blended with the oils on your skin, there won’t be two people who will smell alike even if they using the same fragrance. Plus you can apply different oils to create the fragrance you truly desire.
  4. They are good for your skin. Oil based perfumes treat your skin with much more love, and especially good for those who has dry skin. Dry skin has a harder time to keep scents. The alcohol content in the traditional spray takes away the natural skin oils when it dissipates, leaving skin even drier than before. Perfume oils are actually moisturizing, making them less irritating.
  5. Enhances intimacy. Natural perfume oils are a more personal experience. Perfect for using in environment where you don’t want to overpower and make those who around you uncomfortable. They stay intimate to the skin and exude through the heat of your pulse points so you feel like you’re wearing a scent rather than having a scent wear you.
  6. They last longer. The actual perfume elements and extracts in oil fragrances are highly concentrated in comparison to standard EDTs and perfumes, which tend to be a dilution with little true fragrance in it. Perfume oils stick to the skin and linger on for a longer period.


Now, how do we apply a perfume oil to get the best out of it?

Just dab the oil onto where you desire. Be careful not to rub the fragrance in. Rubbing breaks down the more volatile top notes. Apply generously and as often as desired. To prevent quick absorption, moisturize before you apply. A quick touch of petroleum jelly or a lip balm will push the fragrance that much longer. Or you can get creative and layer a scented moisturizing lotion with the oil to create a new stronger scent.

If you are asking where the perfume oil should be applied?

As Coco Chanel so famously said – Where you want to be kissed.

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