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August 28 , 2018
Men and Women differ in the fragrance selection
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According to the statement in a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Sciences, your chosen fragrance  has a direct impact on self-perception and impressions formed by others. The recent trend in the reflects the fragrance choices made by men and women.

To cover these topics we conducted a survey and offer you a reflection on perceptions and reasoning both men and women have with regard to fragrance trends and choosing a fragrance in today’s environment.

As with any other study, our study also detected a vast differences in the way men and women perceive and choose fragrances.

Why do men use perfumes? The answers are very practical – to smell good, as a solution for bad odor because of the hot weather and for freshness. Some of the more uncommon findings were – for confidence when you are dealing with someone and for self-expression.

Men are very straightforward on what urges them to buy a fragrance – they simply have to like the smell.

On the other end of the stick – Women use fragrances “to feel happiness”, “to impact their mood” and “to give a further dimension to their personality.” Women desire to buy a fragrance when they feel the scent suits their personality. The brand and price also play a factor.

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