Employee Testimonials

"I have worked here for more than a year and during this time I am very proud and grateful to work for such a dynamic company which is determined to please in every possible way. This is achieved by having a good quality culture, environmental concern and a care for health and safety issues for both our customers and our people.As a Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager and part of the ISO team, I have the opportunity to grow in my career through the challenges I meet along the way. Sterling Parfums has a good leadership program and a variety of resources available to help one grow within one's designated function. It also offers self –development through training and other programs. Another fascinating thing to work for such a big company is that one gets exposed to what other countries are doing: their innovations, technology and regulatory affair"
Quality Manager

"I joined Sterling with high expectations of unique opportunities and have never been disappointed. The management showed total faith in me and gave me a lot of responsibilities which motivated me to perform better. I am grateful for the appreciation that I received and am proud to be associated with Sterling. The infrastructure, ambience and personal relationships are conducive for good performance."
R&D Manager

"At Sterling, I love the department support as well as the structured training programs offered by the HR department. These have included Corporate Induction, Sales training as well as communication and interpersonal skills. These have helped me to develop greater self-confidence and this is reflected in my thinking and dealing with external parties. I am now on a level footing to take my career to a higher level."
Finance Executive, Finance

"The camaraderie with other HOD’s and the collaboration to take the company forward is unique at this company. I like the support given to me and it’s great to know I can talk to someone if I am having a challenging day. No two days are the same and I relish the opportunity to come to work each day and grow together with my colleagues."
Warehouse Manager, Logistics